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Monday, June 30, 2008
  'Hancock' lends a hand
One of the more intriguing movies of the summer (I say “intriguing” because at the time of my writing this it hasn’t come out yet, so it may suck) is Hancock, in which Will Smith looks to continue his string of July 4 weekend blockbusters (unbroken since Wild Wild West!) playing an unlikable, alcoholic superhero. It’s directed by actor-director Peter Berg, whose last three movies, The Rundown, Friday Night Lights and The Kingdom, are all totally awesome for totally different reasons (though I guess The Kingdom could have been livened up with monkeys and Ernie Reyes Jr.), so that combined with the irresistible premise – aforementioned drunken superhero tries to rehabilitate his tarnished image with the help of a slick PR consultant – has had me curious for months now.

So I thought it was kinda cool when I heard about Columbia Pictures’ ‘Hancock’s Helping Hand’ contest. Movie promotions are obviously nothing new, but one that promises to actually help someone in a very real way is an excellent idea. The deal is, running with the superhero theme, Columbia is offering to pay the mortgage of one needy family with a grand prize worth up to $360,000, which, considering the state of the American housing industry, really is pretty superheroic. Entrants can submit a 200-word essay explaining why they believe they’re deserving of the grand prize at The deadline for the contest is July 6.
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