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Tuesday, July 8, 2008
  Random Thoughts: Hulk, Hellboy and Holmes
It occured to me recently that I posted about The Incredible Hulk a few weeks ago before I saw it and never followed up my thoughts as promised, so the two or three of you that regularly read this blog may be kind of disappointed (it was pretty good). Since then I also managed to check out Wanted, which I also really dug (it was loads better than the comic it was based on, which I hated despite the gorgeous art by J.G. Jones), and it got me thinking that, at least in terms of the blockbusters I've bothered to see, they're pretty much all good-to-great. It's the first time I can remember that I got halfway through a summer without any big disappointments (though I haven't seen Hancock yet and, box office aside, the word on that one is not encouraging) Iron Man was excellent, Hulk was solid, Wanted was far better than I was expecting it to be (thank Nightwatch and Daywatch director Timur Bekmambetov for crafting the most fun American action movie I've seen since The Rundown), and I've still got Hellboy II, The Dark Knight, Step Brothers, Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express to look forward to.

Speaking of which, Hellboy II: The Golden Army opens this Friday and I cannot wait to see it. I know The Dark Knight is the better-known property and is getting all the crazy hype and attention -- I'm expecting a top-shelf superhero movie, but this stuff I've been reading about how it's some kind of "cinematic revolution" and a
"potent provocation" (what does that even mean?) seems like it's laying it on a bit thick -- but for my money Hellboy II is the one to keep an eye out for, even if it's the movie I think has the best chance of being lost in the proverbial shuffle. But Guillermo del Toro is one of the best directors working today, and I'm expecting something truly special with this movie. I should also probably mention I'm a pretty huge fan of the Hellboy comics as well as the first movie, which is a great little gem of a comic book adaptation, so that could factor in to my excitement. But anyone who was impressed by Pan's Labyrinth (that should be ALL of you, and if you haven't seen it yet you should remedy that situation immediately), even if you don't typically go in for sci-fi/fantasy/superhero stuff, should give it a chance. I think it has the pontential to be the best movie of the summer that not enough people went to see.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention an interesting press release that crossed my desk last week I wanted to mention: apparently
Sacha Baron Cohen, the genius behind Borat/Ali G., will play Sherlock Holmes in a new movie opposite Will Ferrell as Dr. Watson, with Judd Apatow producing. As much as it seems like a retread of the minor classic Without A Clue, I've got enough confidence in all involved that it'll be something pretty awesome, even if the reaction to my positive review of Semi-Pro has all but confirmed that I seem to like Will Ferrell more than most. (Anyone interested in my thoughts about a comedy that totally does not work on any level should stay tuned for my Drillbit Taylor review, which I plan to have up some time next week.)

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