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Friday, March 13, 2009
  DVD Pick: Let the Right One In
This week is a good week for me, dear reader, as the best movie I saw last year was released on DVD. Swedish director Tomas Alfredson's adolescent vampire love story Let the Right One In topped my Best of 2008 list (I also rave about it in a long-form review here), and while it got great reviews and received a decent little theatrical release, it's the exact kind of film that will (hopefully) find the audience it deserves on DVD.

As I said about the film before, I know Twilight is the vampire romance that got all the ink in the mainstream press last year – and it's back in the news now that the producers are hunting for a director for the third film in the series, Eclipse – but Let the Right One In is the real deal. It's beautiful and heartbreaking and wonderfully subtle; if you're looking for bloodsuckers who look like Calvin Klein models and wire-fu action sequences, this movie may not be for you (and I say that as a guy who enjoys wire-fu action sequences more than just about anyone I know). But if you like movies with well-drawn characters, a truly affecting story and genuine atmosphere instead of cheap jump-scares, Let the Right One In comes with my highest possible recommendation.

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Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to see this one in theatres, however, it was always tugging my shirt saying, "Watch me!" I picked up the DVD and watched the film. "Holy crap" was my response. Holy crap, the acting is superb, holy crap, the atmosphere is perfect, holy crap, sooooo much blood, holy crap, best vampire film ever! As an actor in training, I was absolutely blown away by the characterizations the two leads comitted to (especially considering that they were both under 15 years old while filming).
See this film! And when you do, please watch with the original Swedish language track and subtitles. The power in all the actors voices are top notch.
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