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Friday, July 10, 2009
  Trailer roundup: Big Fan, new Michael Moore, and District 9
There’s an odd-sounding movie I’ve been reading about sporadically online for the better part of the past year that has really piqued my interest, and the trailer for it finally hit the web this week. It’s called Big Fan, and it’s a drama about obsessive sports fandom. It’s the directorial debut of Robert D. Siegel, who penned the screenplay for The Wrestler, which was my choice as the second-best movie of last year. That alone is enough to vault Big Fan to a spot close to the top of my must-watch list, but it also stars comedian Patton Oswalt in the lead role. Oswalt is easily one of my favorite comics working today (I’m not a particularly devoted stand-up follower, but he’s one of a handful of comedians with an album on my iPod), and the promise of him delving into dark places as a New York Giants fan who’s WAY too into his team is pretty tantalizing. The track record of comedians doing drama is fairly solid (Tom Hanks, Robin Williams [sometimes], Jim Carrey [also sometimes], Denis Leary in Rescue Me, etc.), and Oswalt’s comedy is among the genuinely smartest I’ve heard, so I have high hopes about his serious turn in Big Fan. I can’t wait for this one. It's out August 28.

Check out the Big Fan trailer here courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

Michael Moore has announced the title of his new documentary: Capitalism: A Love Story. Moore’s a filmmaker whose documentaries I often don’t like as much as I feel that I should, because I agree with him on a lot of issues; I just don’t always like the way he makes his points. (I also confess that I still haven’t seen his last film, Sicko, which I hear is quite good and not as obnoxious as some of his other work.) But if there ever was a topic tailor-made for Moore, it’s this economic mess and the government bailouts. Should be interesting stuff. If he can keep his ego and willingness to play fast and loose with the facts to make his point in check, Capitalism: A Love Story could be pretty great. Judge for yourself on October 2.

Check out the trailer for Moore’s latest via Apple.

And last, but certainly not least, a new trailer for District 9, the crazy-looking sci-fi movie that I want to see so bad it’s like acid in my mouth. The first trailer hooked me. This new one makes me want to build a time machine so I don’t have to wait until August 14 to see this thing.

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