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Thursday, October 29, 2009
  Two terrifying trailers
It’s Halloween week, and to celebrate I’m dealing with scary movies of one kind or another. Today I’ve got some cool trailers for a couple of creepy-looking documentaries, and tomorrow I’ll be examining one of my favorite horror movies ever in the long-awaited return of my Under the Radar feature. So without further ado…

I’ve mentioned more than once in this space that traditionally “scary” movies aren’t really my thing, but I watched a trailer the other day that chilled me more than any full-length movie about a monster or masked psychopath I’ve ever seen. It’s for a documentary called Collapse, and it’s about a former cop-turned-investigative journalist named Michael Ruppert. Ruppert publishes a newsletter that, if you or I were to read it without knowing better, might lead us to assume he’s a paranoid lunatic. Except that many of the world’s current problems – the global economic crisis, rising violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan, instability based on a dwindling oil supply – he apparently predicted a while ago. I work with news headlines all day long, so the stuff Ruppert is talking about here is the sort of stuff I think about in my darker moods. The film itself looks terrifying.

Collapse is the latest documentary from Chris Smith, who helmed the acclaimed documentary American Movie. I’ve always meant to check out that film, and the trailer for Collapse grabbed me so effectively that now I plan on seeking that movie out ASAP.

Have a look at the trailer for Collapse yourself, courtesy of Apple. (And apologies if it ruins your day.)


The next trailer is for a documentary called Until the Light Takes Us. It’s about the Norwegian “black metal” scene that was linked to several church burnings, as well as some murders, back in the 1990s. I’ve actually read a book on the subject, Lords of Chaos (buy it from Amazon here), and it looks like the film covers much of the same ground. (I couldn’t care less about black metal music, but a friend and fellow metal fan got me the book for my birthday years ago as a sort of gag gift, but it actually turned out to be a pretty interesting read, and an utterly insane story.)

The best documentaries can make subjects the viewer doesn’t necessarily know anything about or even have much of an interest in and make them compelling, but watching a bunch of sociopaths talk about why they burned churches and formed suicide pacts and the like will probably make for an interesting, intense documentary. I know I’m looking forward to seeing this one for myself.

Check out the trailer for Until the Light Takes Us at Apple.

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Since seeing American Movie, I've been anxiously awaiting Chris Smith's next project. Can't wait to see Collapse.
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