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Friday, January 22, 2010
  Spike Jonze + robots = YES
Spike Jonze has never made a feature film I haven’t been blown away by (he’s only made three, but still, 3-3 is still an excellent record in my books), and I picked his adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are was one of the best movies of 2009. Jonze, who got his start in commercials and music videos, is getting back to his roots, in a way, with I’m Here, a 30-minute short film produced for Absolut vodka that’s premiering at the Sundance Film Festival this year. And it’s about robots in love.

I’m not sure if this is an actual longform advertisement for vodka (which would be weird, to say the least), or if Absolut just produced it for the publicity and the movie isn’t about vodka (which would still be sort of weird, I guess, and will probably lead some people to question whether this type of corporate involvement is a harbinger of a new method of film financing), and I have no idea what form it will take when it’s released to the masses – if it’s only 30 minutes long, I would assume it’ll be on DVD rather than released in theaters – but it looks sweet and weirdly affecting; if Jonze could get me all misty watching giant furry monsters, he can probably get me with these wonderfully tactile-looking robots. Check out the trailer for I’m Here below. You’ll know more about this project when I do.

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