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Friday, February 19, 2010
  Mongol sequel, The Secret of Kells trailer
Some good news coming out of the European Film Market in Berlin is that Russian director Sergei Bodrov is planning to shoot the second film in his planned biopic trilogy about ancient conqueror Genghis Khan next year. The film, appropriately titled Genghis Khan, is the sequel to 2007’s Mongol, which I enjoyed so much I picked it as one of my favorite movies of 2008 (which is when I finally got to see it; I liked it so much I bent my own rules to include it), which tells the story of the legendary figure’s early days, ending with him assuming the name Genghis Khan. It’s an excellent historical epic, and I’m really happy that Bodrov is moving ahead with his trilogy. It’s not yet clear if star Tadanobu Asano will return to play Khan (I certainly hope he will; he’s the best part of Mongol), but the Japanese actor is in pretty high demand, so scheduling could be an issue. I hope the movie gods smile on Bodrov and he gets his leading man back for the sequel, as well as the planned third film.


A trailer popped up this week for a film that’s intrigued me since the Oscar nominations were announced recently, and that’s The Secret of Kells. The film, which it seems hardly anyone had previously heard of, was a surprise nominee for best animated feature, so naturally, as a fan of animation, I was curious to learn more about the movie. Now that I’ve seen the trailer, I must say I’m even more interested in checking it out. I love the old-school 2D animation, the stylized look (it reminds me a lot of the excellent Samurai Jack), and the Viking-related story. The Secret of Kells is now on my list of Movies I Need to See.

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