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Thursday, August 28, 2008
  Hard Core Logo sequel(s)
In my review of Bruce McDonald’s unique drama The Tracey Fragments, I spent a paragraph gushing about how much I love his 1996 “rock n’ road” movie Hard Core Logo. It’s one of my all-time favourites, though don’t let the marketing lines referencing Spinal Tap on the American DVD cover fool you – it’s not a comedy. True, it’s a “mockumentary” about a rock band, and there are parts in it that are incredibly funny, but the film is really about things like friendship, betrayal, anger and the family-like bond between bandmates. It’s a brilliant little movie, one I love dearly, so I was pretty stoked when I read that McDonald is planning a sequel, which he hopes to start shooting next year. (I should mention that there’s some spoiler-type information about the original in the article.) And not only one; McDonald is hoping to create a four- or even five-film “juggernaut” out of it.

One sequel to Hard Core Logo would be awesome enough, but three, possibly four? Granted, they may not live up the first, and with the careers of lead actors
Hugh Dillon and Callum Keith Rennie currently in high gear – Dillon currently stars in two Canadian TV dramas, and hosts a third show about comic books on IFC Canada, and Rennie is a regular on Battlestar Galactica – McDonald says making sure everyone’s schedule matches up will probably be a challenge. But hey, if George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford can get back together for another Indiana Jones movie, this should be easy. And I’m sure McDonald could make four kickass Hard Core Logo sequels for about the same amount they paid Ford's stand-in on the Crystal Skull set.

Below is the original trailer for Hard Core Logo. If you’re into rock movies, it's worth your time. It’s the best one I’ve seen.

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