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Thursday, January 28, 2010
  One scary Mother
A proper North American trailer has poppped up for a South Korean movie I'm very interested in checking out called Mother. Longtime readers know of my love of Asian movies, and South Korea has really come into its own, producing a slew of insanely talented filmmakers, of which Bong Joon-ho is definitely one. Bong's previous movie, The Host, is easily the best monster movie I've seen in a decade (maybe more), fusing comedy, awesome scares and genuine human drama in a way I never thought was possible for a movie about a giant mutated salamander. It's a flat-out brilliant film, so to say I'm interested in whatever Bong has next is an understatement.

That new movie is Mother, about an awkward 27-year-old man-child who lives with his super-protective mom and is accused of murdering a girl. The crime throws the town into a tizzy, with everyone assuming his guilt, even after he's let off on a technicality. His mother then takes it upon herself to head out on an O.J.-like search for the real killer, and she doesn't seem to mind doing some killing of her own to clear her precious son's name.

The premise sounds very promising, and the movie is so well-regarded in South Korea that Mother is the country's submission for the best foreign language film Oscar at the Academy Awards. Throw in a slick trailer filled with some pretty impressive quotes (comparisons to Hitchcock, etc.), and you've got one very intriguing-looking thriller indeed.

Check out the new trailer for Mother via Apple. And see The Host if you can. I promise you won't regret it.

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