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Thursday, March 4, 2010
  Tron's legacy
I don't think there's a movie coming out in 2010 that I'm more looking forward to than Tron: Legacy, which, considering Iron Man 2 is also due this year, is quite a statement. I still sort of can't believe that Disney made a sequel to Tron almost 30 years after the original (which, while not a flop, was hardly a blockbuster in its day), and everything I see for it, from images to the teaser released last year just reinforce how damn cool it looks. Commercial director Joseph Kosinski's making his feature film debut with Tron: Legacy, and if his commercial reel is any indication (he did some awesome ads for the Gears of War games), his movie will, if nothing else, look great. And really, for a Tron film, that's pretty much all that matters.

Rather encouragingly, it looks as if Disney is going all out with its reinvigorated Tron franchise, as there's talk of a potential trilogy, similar to Pirates of the Caribbean, and Disney has already confirmed a 10-part Tron "micro-series" on its Disney XD cable channel, which they hope to spin into a regular animated series, presumably to keep the brand going between film sequels (this, of course, could all go out the window if Legacy flops). As an old-school Tron fan, I'm very excited about this news, though not excited enough to go see the abysmal-looking Alice In Wonderland just to see the new Tron: Legacy trailer. But when this thing comes out in December, I'll be lining up for the first IMAX 3D screening. Lightcycles ahoy!

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