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Friday, April 30, 2010
  First look at Thor, news on Anchorman 2

Hey! It’s the first picture of Chris Hemsworth as Thor! I’m totally psyched for this movie like you couldn’t believe. I’ve had a soft spot for the character of Thor for a long time (Norse mythology + superheroes = awesome), and while this is easily Marvel’s riskiest movie yet (see the above equation), it’s also easily the Marvel movie I’m the most excited about. I like Hemsworth a lot from what I’ve seen him in, and he looks sufficiently Thor-like in this shot. (Though I assume he wears his little helmet at some point; if he doesn’t, I will be upset.)

Click on over to Yahoo! Movies to have a look at the full-sized pic. Thor is slated to hit theaters a year from now, in May 2011.

* * *

In significantly less awesome news (though I guess a photo doesn’t really constitute “news,” but I’m digressing), director Adam McKay said on Twitter that Paramount “basically” turned down Anchorman 2. You’d think that when the stars align (i.e. agree to cut their salaries) to make a sequel to probably the best comedy in a decade, any studio would happily open the till to make it happen, but that shows how little I understand Hollywood.

I suppose the possibility exists that another studio could swoop in and agree to finance Anchorman 2 (or maybe not, Paramount may have exclusive rights), but it’s a bummer that apparent lack of studio interest seems to have scuttled the project. The first Anchorman was a pretty big hit, and Paul Rudd, Steve Carell and Christina Applegate had all agreed to return alongside Will Ferrell, but it looks like now that won’t happen.

McKay’s and Ferrell’s latest project (along with Mark Wahlberg, an incredibly underrated comic actor), the action-movie spoof The Other Guys, hits theaters August 6. It looks great. Here’s the trailer.

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